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-Commensalism- 28x26x28

I always want to be in the gap, in a delicately balanced position. The gap between the ordinary and extraordinary, the gap between the weird and beautiful, fragile and wild, trapped but sheltered. I want to be on the edge, live in the binary, hover on the precipice of change. I want opposites to co-exist.



7x26x6, 13x15x13, 8x28x5, 8x33x8

Ninety percent of the women around me do not satisfied with their bodies and try to cover up the scars left by their life’s experiences in different ways.In this work, I want to make them see the beautiful side of the scar.




I have no bones, let alone a heart. I’ve been living so simple, but never feels lonely. The air and the rain will tirelessly caress my soul night after night.



This work starts with the broad theme of ‘sacrifice’ and extrapolates the origins of modern Chinese characters in reverse, deriving new forms from the seven characters for the seven vessels used in ritual activities. It is completed with the ancient method of ceramic firing – ‘pit firing’ and the ritual of the sacrifice of the moon.


-The colour of white-

My love for cooking makes me pay special attention to food safety. In my opinion, cooking is based on the same principle as ceramic art. This work combines the colours and textures of specific foods with ceramic production.

Through the display of natural colours and textures of food, it highlights the charm of natural growth and the delicate connection between nature and human life, and calls for people to pay more attention to food safety.


-It seems like she just left-

My work is an expression of longing for a loved one who has passed away, of the inextricable and irreparable repentance for past memories…
After a long period of self-torment and struggle, I came up with the idea of “time”.
Perhaps “time” in my work is suspended and disordered. My work records each frame of the flap of the wings, stacked repeatedly and dropped onto the branches.



Calm but deadly, they unknowingly devour everything, the danger, and beauty of this creature made me jump out of my fear of viruses and look at human vulnerability in an objective light.
This work uses ceramics combined with other special materials to create a floating and unreal feeling.



Navel is the first scar left by a baby after the umbilical cord falls off. It is the channel through which a fetus communicates with its mother and the first mouth through which humans begin to absorb nutrients. Like a seal on an envelope, the navel is stamped on everyone’s body.


-Spring never dies

Spring is the season of recovery of all things, in the city where I live, spring only a few days, spend a time will have to wait for a year, I want to use the hands of the clay to keep spring forever, spring in my heart will never die.

-Other individual works